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Many years ago, I had a conversation with someone who was about to go into ministry. He said all he needed was about 5 Million Naira — he was going to rent a hall, buy equipment’s, pay some instrumentalists, do some serious branding and then do ‘giveaways’. He smiled and said — “That’s the formula for building mega churches.” I laughed so loudly and said, “You will have a mega business, not a mega church”.

Ministry is not your idea, it’s God’s idea. Ministry is running with God’s mind and God’s plan for your generation. You can’t cook up ideas and call it God’s calling. You can’t think it up and call it God’s vision. Ministry is building according to design and plan, and this is the difference between ministry and business. It is 100% of God!

Everyone called of God is called to build with God and build under God. What you are building is not your idea it is God’s idea. Ministry is not your business, or the worlds system, it’s the Father’s business. Today my purpose is to simply ask you…what are you building for God? Dear Minister, your impact is determined by what you do for God. You may do popular things, you may be accepted by men, but if you are not approved by God, it’s a dismal show of nonsense.

When it comes to building, the first thing a contractor needs to know is what the owner wants him to build. In Psalm 127:1 God tells us, “UNLESS THE LORD BUILDS THE HOUSE, ITS BUILDERS LABOR IN VAIN….” The Father is the owner of the project. He is the designer of the master plan and the chief builder.

No matter how great the construction project looks, you are wasting your time and effort if you are not building what the owner has ordered. A building project usually begins with a set of architectural plans and specifications that the builder must know and understand.

In the same way, our building for the Lord must begin with our understanding of God’s heart and instructions so our building will not be “in vain.” Do you have an understanding of His plan and purpose for your life and your generation?

The written script of God for your life is the basis of service. A man cannot build for God and with God who doesn’t have the plans and specifications for His life. The plan and blueprint for your life is your purpose. It is purpose that will tell you what to build and how to build.

You cannot live based on the decisions of others. You can only live based on God’s plan for your life. What has He called you for? What does He demand of You? Are you called an Evangelist, Prophet, Teacher etc. Don’t abandon your office because it doesn’t seem popular. Don’t put upon yourself the regalia God hasn’t placed on you. You are God’s blue print.

Don’t build a mega business, build a God ordained ministry — build according to pattern. Blessings!

I spoke in more details on this in my recent sermon, Building to Last — it will bless you.

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