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Many years ago, I was walking around in church, I must confess I was not feeling more spiritual or more in the spirit than usual. I was just me. I saw a lady, a highly committed worker in the church, and I heard God say to me; go and pray with her for a job and she will get the job. Needless to say, because God always performs His word, she got a job in less than 2 weeks. Amazing right! Yes…

Many months later, she called me and said that she would like her friend to come and meet me for prayers. He was looking for a job, so she wanted me to pray so that he would get a job. On the phone, I almost choked! Because I prayed for you and you got a job, does not mean I can do it for everyone, I don’t have a word from God, I don’t know your friend, without God, I have no guarantee.

On that day, I learnt my lesson — never allow men tag you or box you in. Don’t be under pressure to produce results. God is the giver of results; without Him, we have nothing. Absolutely nothing! If God has called you, live by His leading and teach people to live by the word and not your gift. I can pray, and yes God hears, but I cannot guaranty a job — that is not the result of prayer. The result of prayer is birthing the mind and the will of God — if that include a job, good!

Again, if I had prayed for the friend and he probably got a job, then the news would soon spread — ‘Fisayo is anointed to get people jobs’, Amen! I could raise a banner, have visitation time or do a prophetic night, I could call it — ‘The Night of Employment’. I think it sounds downright ludicrous!

Truly, we live in very demanding times; the level of excellence yesterday is not what is needed today. Things are always changing. And so, men want us to step up in ministry — they want a gifted teacher, tongue talker, seer, charismatic preacher, miracle worker, and awesomely handsome/beautiful all wrapped in a package.

We all are under pressure; pressure to perform. Unfortunately in spiritual things, pressure does not translate to result, because the King of all the earth doesn’t respond to pressure. He responds to His promises, will and plan. He will only do what He has planned.

No matter who you are, you may be pressured. If you are called a pastor and teacher, people will put you under pressure to teach new things. They will tell you how awesome Pastor AXY is now — ‘those new revs are whoa!’. And they might even tell you, what you said on Sunday, you said it before in 2018. Pastor, you are getting stale! Don’t budge to pressure. Don’t share revelation where there is none!

And if you are a Prophet — You don’t have to ‘see’ into everything and all situations. I laugh when people say, just come and see our Prophet he will tell you what to do. Really! What if God doesn’t show him anything? I believe Christians unknowingly are the very cause of fake prophets. The man gave you a word from God, he spoke God’s mind to you as revealed to him.

The next time you see him, you say ‘Daddy, what is God saying…?’ So, to maintain his ‘DADDYSHIP’, the man must always give you a prophecy. No sooner than later, you have told your friends about him. So, he has to keep up with you, so even if God is silent, he has to talk. I remember a time I gave a prophetic word to a lady, and it happened as I said it. A while later, she came and asked me, ‘what is the Lord saying’. I looked her straight in the eyes, I replied, ‘Nothing! Read your bible, all He has to say for now is there’. I refused to be turned into a deity.

I love the way Paul described us, ‘But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us.’ We are earthen vessels — another translation says jars of clay. It is God in us that makes us worthy. Don’t pressure the earthen vessel. Don’t break. Grace to you!

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