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Fulfil the Duties of your Ministry…

Today, my encouragement is that you fulfil carefully your duties. Many people are excited about the honour, prestige and beauty of ministry offices, they love being highly esteemed by men. But, don’t get side-tracked by all of that, the main thing in ministry is not what men think of us, or how they place us. The main thing is fulfilling the call of God. Paul said in Colossians 4:7, ‘AND SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, “SEE TO IT THAT YOU FULFILL [CAREFULLY THE DUTIES OF] THE MINISTRY WHICH YOU HAVE RECEIVED IN THE LORD.’ (Amplified Bible)

Some believe Paul’s words to Archippus to “complete the ministry” are a gentle rebuke for having neglected certain of his duties. But a majority see Paul’s admonition to Archippus as simple encouragement, similar to Paul’s exhortations in his epistles to Timothy and Titus. But one thing was sure, Paul saw ministry as fulfilment of certain duties.

Again, ministry is about fulfilling God ordained responsibilities, obligations and burdens. That is what your calling is about. I hear many people shout, God has called me, and then they are running to the fields. Hearing the call of God is the starting point, it is like being called to the office by your boss for an assignment, the main gist is the message, the assignment.

A young man ran in scriptures, yes, he ran for the King’s business, but he didn’t have any message. I thought that was sad. He got to the end, but he ran for nothing (2 Samuel 18:19–32). The joy is therefore not in being called; the joy is in fulfilling the careful duties of your ministry. I believe to this; three things are essential.

First, what is God calling you to — you must know what God has called you to, what message has he given you for your generation. He called Rev. George Adegboye to ‘Take the Word to the nations of the world, emphasizing its integrity’, He called Kenneth E. Hagin to ‘Go teach My people faith’, He called Bishop David Oyedepo ‘to liberate the world from all oppression of the devil through the preaching of the word of faith’

Your calling will determine your duties, responsibilities and obligations. Be sure of God’s message, for it is the message that makes the messenger. For you to be sent of God, you must first be mandated of Him. What is your mandate? Don’t sit down and cook one from your head, because whoever gave it, will power it. God does not pay for what He didn’t order.

Secondly, you calling is a duty, which suggests work. Ministry dear one, is hard work. The days are well gone, when you are expected to only know about spiritual things, or that you are supposed to sit all day at the balcony of the church house. Today, a minister is a counsellor, a preacher, helper, psychologist, and general consultant. To be a cutting-edge minister is to always be learning, reading and sharing. You must become all things to all men. Ministry is serious work, real work, when I see some people panting to do it, I smile.

Thirdly, the demands, duties and obligations of your ministry are not the same with anyone. In your calling is your uniqueness — your uniqueness is your appeal to the people He has sent you to. Therefore, don’t compare yourselves with others, don’t be under pressure to read what they read. There are millions of books in this world, read what will help your destiny. Be yourself. He has not called you be like another; He has called you by giving you a message. That is the priority — fulfilling the mind of God. I believe you can and I believe you will. Like Paul of old, again I say, ‘AND SAY TO ARCHIPPUS, “SEE TO IT THAT YOU FULFILL [CAREFULLY THE DUTIES OF] THE MINISTRY WHICH YOU HAVE RECEIVED IN THE LORD” (Amplified). Grace to you!

Your Greatness is Assured!

Fisayo Adeniyi


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